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External Turning

PCLNR/L tool holder

EJ Carbide offers a complete full range of cnc cutting tool holders,including turning,milling,drilling tool holders,provide OEM service.
External turning tool holder,clamping tool.
Corresponding tool holder for carbide insert CN
Applicable carbide inserts:
     CNMG120408    CNMG090304    CNMG160608   CNMG190612 and other CN carbide insert series.

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tool Holder PCLNR/L Specifications: 

EJ Carbide manufactures a complete range of cnc cutting tools,provide Carbide Tooling indexable insert cutting tools for the metalworking,woodworking and other hard materials industry. We offer expert design and build capabilities for custom tooling and an extensive line of catalog standards for general Turning, milling,threading,parting & grooving. products incluiding Carbide Cutter, Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit,Helix Carbide Drill,Milling Cutters, Slotting Cutters & Tool Holders.

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