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Coatings for Carbide Cutting Tool

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Update time : 2017-12-01 11:18:04
Tungsten carbide coating tool,using the vapor deposition method,coated carbide cutting tools with a thin layer of refractory metal or nonmetallic compound. coating as a chemical barrier and thermal barrier,reducing the diffusion and chemical reaction between carbide cutting tool and workpiece,thus reducing the matrix wear.coated carbide cutting tool with high surface hardness,good wear resistance,chemical stability,heat and oxidation resistance,low coefficient of friction and thermal conductively.increased more than 3-5 times tool life than uncoated carbide cutting tool,improve cutting speed with 20% to 70%,improve machining accuracy with 0.5-1,reduce tool consumption costs with 20% to 50%.
Below with basic introduction for each coating type:
Coating Colour Hardness(HV) Thicknessμm Friction coefficient Max service temperature Note
ZrCN Bluish 2500 1-4 0.3 550 Wide general purpose
TiN Golden yellow 2300 1-4 0.4 500 High cost performance coating type
TiAIN Purple 3200 1-4 0.5 800 Wide general purpose
AITiN Black 3400 1-4 0.5 900 For high speed and high hardness machining
TiAICrN Matte black 3500 1-4 0.6 1000 Special machining purpose
TiCN Gray black 3000 1-4 0.4 400 High tenacity general purpose
CrN Silvery 2000 3-15 0.5 700 Suitable for copper,titanium,mold.
DLC Black 1000-4000 0.5-2 0.05 400 Suitable for non-ferrous metals,graphite,plastic
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