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The new super-hard material tool will play a greater role in the future of cutting

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Update time : 2017-11-14 11:01:47

        Diamond Industry Chain Description: Diamond industry chain from top to bottom were graphite, single crystal, powder, polycrystalline composite films, diamond products. Currently, about 50% of China's single crystal is used to produce sawing tools. According to the different polycrystalline products applications, polycrystalline composite film is divided into: oil mining, mining mining, tooling, drawing die blank. Diamond products are divided into single crystal products (abrasive, sawing tools), polycrystalline products (geological bits, knives, drawing die). Downstream applications: Abrasives are mainly used in the field of electronic information IC chip processing, automobile field engine processing, air conditioning and refrigerator compressor processing, cutting tools, etc .; sawing tools are mainly used in stone industry, construction industry; drilling tools, the main application In mines, oil exploration; tools are mainly used in lathe processing.
       Diamond tools with high hardness and wear resistance, can effectively process copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys, ceramics, sintered cemented carbide, a variety of fiber and particle reinforced composite materials. Diamond commonly known as "diamond", that is, we often say that the diamond. Natural diamond deposits are prehistoric have been formed, and no rules of growth to follow. "Synthetic diamond is mainly used in the military and aerospace industries because of its high temperature, high pressure, astronaut helmet film, aerospace insulation board, high-speed rail sleeper, etc. are required for it. Synthetic diamond is also widely used in advanced manufacturing And the modern processing industry, from dental denture denture, plastic surgery hospital bone scrotum, to the car's bearings, electronic components are used to obtain it.And artificial diamond inlaid large corrugated sheet, can be used to cut huge stones and road cement , Also plays an important role in geological exploration and oil exploration.

       Cubic boron nitride, like polycrystalline diamond, is also artificially synthesized at high temperatures and pressures. Its polycrystalline structure and properties are also similar to those of diamond, with high hardness, good thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion, and small Density, lower fracture toughness. In addition, cubic boron nitride also has excellent chemical and thermal stability, almost no reaction with iron group elements, which is better than diamond. Compared with diamond, cubic boron nitride has higher thermal stability, chemical inertness to iron group elements and strong anti-adhesive ability, and is more suitable for processing various hardened steels, thermal sprayed materials, chilled cast iron and HRC 35 or more Cobalt-based and nickel-based hard-to-cut materials.