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The 19th DMP exhibition held in Dongguan

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Update time : 2017-12-02 11:10:42
November 28 - December 1, the 19th DMP Dongguan International Mold, Metal Processing, Plastic and Packaging Exhibition held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. As an important exhibition in the metal processing industry in southern China, the show attracted many domestic and foreign exhibitors of mold exhibitors and visitors.EJ Carbide took part in this grand cnc tool feast.
19th DMP dongguan china cnc tool exhibition
The second session of the Dongguan International Cutlery Festival was held over the same period in the exhibition, the cutter section organized by the Dongguan CNC Tool Industry Association, Dongguan City, Pratt Nami Technology Co., Ltd., Ganzhou O Ketai Tool Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Okawa Machinery Co., Ltd. , Shanghai Zhongyu Industrial Diamond Co., Ltd., Dongguan Xinfeng Tool Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong knife knife Seiko Technology Co., Ltd. and Keer Bosi to Fulin Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Office. The theme of this section of the tool festival loud "strong weapon - a new age of China's CNC tool," especially attract sb.'s attention. Activities set a total of three major sections: CNC tool theme exhibitions, summit forums and exchange dinner.
This year is the third consecutive year, Dongguan Knife Association delegation exhibitors DMP, in this exhibition, 48 "Dongguan Knife Association" member companies jointly exhibit, exhibition area of 1,000 square meters, an increase of 31% in the number of exhibitors, Booth area, the number of exhibitors and other aspects of the city ranked among the forefront of the Association, of which eight companies specifically for the image of special equipment, known as the Dongguan Association of knives, is the highlight of this tool area. Related exhibits on display, both in terms of tool quality, or design has made great strides, and gradually narrow the gap with foreign countries, especially superior in the 3C tool for the smart manufacturing in Dongguan, Dongguan smart terminals and other high-volume Stable production provides a reliable guarantee
The festival section of the summit forum was held on the afternoon of November 29. More than 350 celebrities, including industry elites, government experts, industry associations, institutions of higher learning and business representatives attended the forum. Among them, Wang Chengyong, vice chancellor of Guangdong University of Technology and director of the mechanical and energy engineering department of South University of Science and Technology Professor Wu Yongbo, deputy director of Mechanical and Energy Engineering Department of Southern University of Science and Technology, Professor Hu Sijie from School of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering, Hunan University, Dr. Zou Jianjun from Dongguan Polytechnic Institute and Zhou Li, vice president of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department of Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University. At the ceremony of the forum, Liu Qingtang, chief economist of Dongguan Bureau of Economic and Information Technology, congratulated the convening of the forum on behalf of the local government. He hoped that through the successful holding of this forum, he shared the new ideas, new measures and various measures for various enterprises in promoting the development of numerical control tools success experience. Liang Feng, chairman of China Association of Knives, Zhu Haibing, president of Dongguan Knife Association, and Ms. Rita Neumann, head of delegation of Germany VDMA and head of delegation of Bavaria made speeches respectively.

In the keynote speech of the forum, Gunnar Lahtz, technical project manager of Platit AG, focused on the key technologies of tool making. Mr. Shi Haidong, vice president of technology of Ganzhou O-Tech Tools Co., Ltd., centered on the localization of high-end tools and Mr. Chen Jiang, the general manager of China Tool Grinding & Promoting Localization Services - From Industry 4.0 to Manufacturing in China Keynote Speech; Vice President Wang Guangyong, Major of Guangong Engineering, explored a new model for R & D of manufacturing, education and research institutes; Xie Shoude, R & D Manager of Guangdong Jinsen Intelligent Group Co., Ltd. and Xu Guoxin, Manager respectively on the application of mobile phones and glasses industry expressed their views; Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co., Ltd. Dr. Zeng Ruilin introduced the development of tungsten materials technology and the impact of the tool; Japan Diamond Tools Institute presided over the president of five flavors Positive people to change ideas, industrial upgrading of the keynote speech; General Manager of Guangdong knife knife Wang Youqun around the intelligent terminal stainless steel knife made a keynote speech manufacturing.
cnc tool forum
The forum finally entered the roundtable session and pushed the forum to the climax. China Association of knives LiangFeng chairman, NanKeDa RongYiMing professor, Dongguan Fulland Tools Co., Ltd. Liu Chengyong chairman, Commodity Yueyang (Beijing) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. Sun Xiaoming chairman, limited liability company Dongguan City, King cutting tools QI Guanghua, chairman of the company, Knife off Imam Programming Studio Blue Sun Founder and several other guests for the "powerful weapon - a new age of China's CNC tool," the theme of the pulse of China CNC Tool Development status quo, explore the new Dongguan CNC tool development.After the forum, nearly 20 media reporters participated in the interview activities. Dongguan Xinfeng Xu Guoxin, General Manager of Dongguan Association of knife Wang Boqiang, China Association of Knives Association Liang Feng, Vice President of Guangdong Gongda Wang Chengyong, Guests and guests, such as guests and guests, made a brilliant exchange of ideas.
Colorful dinner as a continuation of exchange activities, more than 1,000 industry participants. Dongguan Knife Association President Zhu Haibing delivered a warm speech, banquet announced the Dongguan knife hired eight technical advisers: Wang Gongyong, vice president of Guangdong University of Technology, Professor Rongyi Nankai Professor, National Mold Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center ( Guangdong) academic leader Professor Nguyen Fung, NSU Professor Wu Yongbo, China Association of knife Yang Xiao, Xi'an Wan Wei, chairman of the board with the just Latin Latas North Asia President Jiang Wende, Hu Zujie, Hunan University professor. Dinner at the Dongguan Association of knives enthusiastic singing Chinese knives people's songs expressed the voice of the cutter, the atmosphere to a climax.

This year's Tool Festival Tool Festival Dongguan Knife Association group exhibitors show the scale of the forum experts and exchange achievements have reached new highs. For all sectors of the industry elite, tool companies, industry associations, government organizations to build a mutual communication platform to promote industry exchange, join forces, supply and demand. It is of great significance to show the style of the enterprise, strengthen the cooperation and interaction among the upstream and downstream enterprises, promote the healthy development of the industry, promote the combination of production, learning and research, upgrade the manufacturing industry and build a powerful weapon.