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Carbide Drill

Cobalt drill

We have normal high cobalt HSS drill in stock,also produce as customized.
EJ Carbide offers a wide range of drills,including high cobalt drill,HSS drill,carbide drill.diameter from 0.1mm to 60mm as customized.

High Cobalt Drill

With standard size in stock, also produce as customer's needs.

Materials:     high speed steel,cobalt
Helix Angle:     30°, 35° or as customer's choice
Point Angle:     130°,135°,140° or as customer's choice
Dimensions:     Diameter 0.1mm to 60mm

1.High temperature and wear resistance
2.Excellent surface finish for superior chip evacuation
3.First choice for drilling of stainless steel,copper,aluminum,mold steel,cast iron,titanium alloy etc

1. stainless steel,mold steel,cast iron,high alloy steel,titanium alloy
2. copper,aluminum and metal materials with high tensile

High cobalt HSS drill
Cobalt high speed steel including normal high speed steel,  with outstanding tenacity, sharp cutting edge, good to used for high tensile materials,such as stainless steel,copper ,aluminum.

high cobalt hss drill
Cutting adge
Use special HSS with cobalt materials, excellent hardness and bring an outstanding cutting performance.

cobalt drill bit
Helix angle
Sharp cutting adge with specially made helix angle, effectively avoid built-up edge.
high helix drill bit
Smooth polished shank

drill bit shank
Make high precision

We offer a wide range of drills, including solid carbide drills,high speed steel drill bit,high cobalt twist drill,micro drills, flat bottom drills,PCB drill bit,deep hole drills,small hole drill bit, and drills for specific materials like aluminum, steel, stainless steels, irons, and other materials.

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