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Carbide flats 77x10x4mm carbide strips K20

Carbide flat size 77x10x4mm carbide K20 in stock.
Carbide flat size 77x10x4 mm
carbide strip flat 77x10x4mm K20 carbide
Length width Height Tolerance
77mm 10mm 4mm  +0.1 to +0.3

Technical data for carbide flat 77x10x4 K20 grade:
Density: 14.8g/cm³
Hardness:  89.5 HRV
Strength: 1860 Mpa

EJ Carbide with carbide flats size 77x10x4mm in stock,carbide strip grade K20.
Fast shipping in 3-5 workdays.
Also produce carbide flat strip as customer's needs.


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